Futures Fundamentals for Educators

Our extensive collection of educational content feels right at home in any classroom. On this page, we bring together some of our best articles, videos and interactive infographics about the world of futures to create an essential resource for educators and their students.

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Interactive Features

Enhance and test your students’ futures IQs with interactive elements like quizzes and challenges.

Educational Videos

From the basics, like supply and demand, to digging deeper into the everyday impacts that may go unnoticed, these videos explore a range of futures-related topics in engaging, unexpected ways.

EconEssentials Video Series

A three-part mini documentary series by Seeker, from Discovery Digital Networks. Each episode showcases people and places that shape the way economics impacts the world.

Risk Ranch: Fun with Commodities

Get a firsthand look at how the livestock market fits into the world of futures. In this fun game, you’ll raise a steer or hog over four seasons, avoid all the risks along the way and sell them in the market to make a profit.